health literacy

You aren’t making the difference you seek if the people you are talking to don’t understand what you are saying. All the marketing techniques in the world are useless unless your messages make sense to your audience.

Nowhere else in our minds is literacy more important than in the field of health. How can people learn to take care of themselves physically and mentally if they can’t access easy to understand easy to find information?

We are experts in taking jargon-laden, industry speak and turning it into easily digestible, plain English. Our health literacy experience includes, but is not limited to, writing for:

  • The Goodfellow Unit
  • Ministry of Health personal case studies
  • Mental Health Foundation publications
  • Mental health topics A to Z
  • Community newspapers
  • Private radiology patient information
  • Patient information pamphlets.

If you need material written from scratch or your organisation’s written material put under the health literacy lens we can help. Not only do we have the experience to write understandable content we have focus groups from a range of ages, genders and ethnicities to assist us in making sure your content passes the health literacy test.

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