You aren’t marketing effectively to your audiences if you aren’t regularly staying in touch with them – we are experts in planning and executing relevant newsletter content and send outs, whether they be electronic or hard copy publications.

We can handle everything from the first editorial meeting to the final send out and, with electronic newsletters, we can help you keep track of who’s reading your news and what they enjoy finding out about so you can better target your content.

At Healthy Communications, we use Mail Chimp for many of our clients and are well-practised in creating clean, attractive and professional email newseletters.

Sometimes nothing but a hard copy newsletter will do – especially if your main audience includes people over 50. We are experienced in writing and producing newsletters that are succinct and engaging,  brimming with personality and imagery to match your style.

Whether it’s keeping in contact with your supporters, attracting new supporters or enticing clients to revisit your website or workplace, we can develop a publication for every scenario that may include:

  • case studies
  • CEO messages
  • personal interest stories
  • survey reports
  • news stories
  • tips & updates.

Several of us have strong media backgrounds and can create your newsletter to the same standard as a reputable community or trade newspaper. If yours is a health organisation, we have writers who have worked in the health sector themselves and understand the importance of health literacy – making sure your audiences understand what they are reading so that they are more inclined to make the health changes you wish for them.

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